Oticon Alta 2


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This is the Premium wireless hearing aid from Oticon which uses their latest Inium Sense processing chip. With greater processing power than previous models, there are plenty of great programs and features to enhance your listening experience. Main features 16 Channels controlled by 10 bands Noise reduction BrainHearing Technology Soft Speech Booster. YouMatic Premium FreeFocus SpeechGuard E Inium Feedback Shield The Alta2 is available in a range of colours and styles to fit your needs. Styles include Completely In Canal (CIC), In The Canal (ITC), In The Ear (ITE), mini Receiver In The Ear (miniRITE), Receiver In The Ear (RITE) mini Behind The Ear (miniBTE) and Behind The Ear (BTE). All styles have wireless capability. The RITE, miniBTE and BTE styles all come with a volume control. The ITC, RITE and BTE styles also have a telecoil.  


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