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The Alta Pro was launched by Oticon in February 2013 and is their new premium range of hearing aids. It is available in two levels of technology with the Alta Pro being the higher level in the range. These hearing aids are available in a range of styles and colours to suit your individual taste. Include: 10 Channels – Channels allow your hearing aid to be programmed for your hearing needs, the more channels your hearing aid has, the more specifically this can be done. Spatial Sound Premium – This feature helps you to hear exactly where sounds are coming from more clearly and helps to separate the sounds you want to hear from the noises you don’t. Binaural noise management – This is a system which offers an even better solution when it comes to dealing with unwanted background noise. SpeechGuard E – Helps with signal processing and maintaining natural speech sounds. YouMatic – Allows to personalise your sound preferences and adjust features such as noise management, sound compression and microphone directionality. Feedback Shield -This feature helps to eliminate any irritating whistling noises that may occur, keeping the speech sounds clearer.


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