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hese hearing aids contain Oticon’s new Inium Platform technology which means better sound quality and faster signal processing. Features Include:
  • 10 Channels – Channels allow your hearing aid to be programmed for your hearing needs so the more channels your hearing aid has, the more specifically it can be programmed.
  • SpeechGuard E  – Helps with signal processing and maintaining natural speech sounds.
  • YouMatic  – Allows to personalise your sound preferences and adjust features such as noise management, sound compression and microphone directionality.
  • Feedback Shield  -This feature helps to eliminate any irritating whistling noises that may occur, keeping the speech sounds clearer.
The Alta also features a protective barrier which will help to keep out any potentially harmful substances such as dust or water. Some of the hearing aids components have also been given a nano coating for further protection. The Alta is also compatible with Oticon’s Connectline range of wireless accessories giving you the freedom to enjoy everyday activities more easily.


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