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The Alta2 Pro is the premium hearing aid manufactured by Oticon superseding the Alta Pro. It incorporates Oticon’s latest processing chip (Inium Sense) which has 30% more processing power than their previous Inium platform and is available in the following hearing aid styles:
  • IIC: wireless ’invisible-in-canal’ (Size 10 battery)
  • CIC: wireless ’completely-in-canal’ (Size 10 battery)
  • ITC: wireless ’in-the-canal’ with telecoil (Size 312 or 13 battery)
  • ITE: wireless ’in-the-ear’ with telecoil (Size 312 or 13 battery)
  • DesignRITE: wireless sleek ’receiver-in-ear’ (Size 10 battery)
  • miniRITE: wireless mini ’receiver-in-ear’ with push button (Size 312 battery)
  • RITE: wireless ’receiver-in-ear’ with push button, volume control and telecoil (Size 312 battery)
  • miniBTE: wireless mini ‘standard BTE’ with push button and volume control (Size 312 battery)
  • BTE: wireless power ‘standard BTE’ with push button, volume control and telecoil (Size 13 battery).
  • It has 10 channels, noise reduction using their latest algorithm (Binaural TriState), and wind noise reduction.
  • The Alta2 Pro can learn and apply the wearers preferred sound level over a period of time (VC Learning) and be programmed to gradually increase in sound level over a specified period of time to allow new users of hearing aids the opportunity to adjust and adapt (Adaptation Manager).
  • The Alta2 Pro also uses the latest feedback algorithm (Inium Feedback Shield) to help reduce annoying whistling from your hearing aids and is compatible with Oticon wireless accessories.


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