Oticon Chili SP7


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The Oticon Chili SP7 is the mid ranged level of technology within the Oticon Chili range (SP9 being the top one and SP5 being the bottom one). It contains most of the features that the Oticon Chili SP9 has but sadly lacks some of the most interesting ones such as Spatial Noise Management, Binaural Synchronization, My Voice, Music program and Power Bass. It still has wireless connectivity and superb double moisture protection. Comes in 7 colours. If you need power then Chili is the one for you but consider spending a little extra to get the SP9. To see for the full product range of Oticon Chili Hearing Aids and what is available, view here. If you are wanting something more on budget then take a look at the Oticon Chili SP5 which will be more suitable.


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