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The Ria Pro from Oticon is part of their new range which is bringing the latest modern technology to an entry level hearing aid. The Ria Pro is a discrete hearing aid with all the benefits of the Ria with some excellent additions at an affordable price. This hearing aid, like the Ria, works on a 8kHz frequency bandwidth and is powerful enough to help those with severe and profound hearing losses. The Ria Pro uses smart frequency shifting and phase inversion technology to enhance the sounds you want to hear while reducing the distraction of background noise. The hearing aids can assess your listening environment to see if it is quiet or noisy and automatically reset themselves to reduce background noise and enhance speech. This is designed to improve your hearing in any situation. The Inium feedback shield suppresses the sound of feedback before you hear it without causing any distortion to the sound around you. The Ria Pro also features 16 channels along with a single compression signal processing system. The channels in the hearing aid collect and process each sound frequency to give you the clearest sound. The compression signal processing system is designed to take the sound frequencies that you can no longer hear and alter them so that they are within your hearing range. Oticon’s YouMatic technology is also used in their more expensive hearing aid ranges. This technology allows the hearing aid to be personally programmed to you and your hearing needs. This means that, whatever your lifestyle, you will get the ideal sound in each environment. Your own personal profile will be programmed into the hearing aid so there is no need to alter the settings. The Pro is also equipped with binaural synchronisation for those who wear two hearing aids. This technology allows the hearing aids to communicate with each other and make sure they are always on the same programme and volume setting. So no more fiddling about trying to manually get your hearing aids set to the same volume. The remote control lets you change the volume and settings quickly and discretely, so no one needs to know you are adjusting your hearing aid. Balanced surround sound enables the hearing aid user to hear sound from all around them and makes it easier to work out where sound is coming from. The Ria Pro gives you a focused listening experience. When you are socialising and listening to a conversation in a place with lots of background noise, such as a restaurant or bar, the Essential Free Focus program adjusts the directional microphones to help you listen to the person talking. The digital noise reduction program will reduce background noise allowing you to concentrate on what is being said. You can also take control of the directional microphones with the remote control to focus your own listening to certain areas, so that you can hear speech with better clarity. The Ria Pro has built in Bluetooth connectivity and can utilise the Connect line range of wireless streaming devices, such as the Oticon Streamer Pro which enables you to stream the sound from mobile phone calls directly to your hearing aids. It will also let you connect to your Apple device such as your iPhone or iPad. Other Connect accessories include a home telephone and television device which can connect wirelessly to the streamer making it easy to call people on the phone and listen to your favourite programmes without having the sound too loud for others in the room.


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