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The Phonak Audeo V50 is the standard level hearing aid in the Audeo range. It contains a lower level of technology than the V70 with 12 sound processing channels and a range of features to help you to hear in a variety of listening situations. The RIC (Receiver In Canal) style has a small case which sits behind the ear to process sound, and the receiver sits just inside the ear canal. As with others in the range, the V50 benefits from Phonak’s Binaural VoiceStream Technology. This enables voice streaming from one hearing aid to another, with no time delay. This, along with other programs allows you to hear voices in stereo at times when listening is difficult. Many programs are automatic, so you don’t have to change your settings when moving from one place to another, others are manual, giving you more control over your own hearing. These programs include: UltraZoom The directional microphones are designed to pick up as much sound from all around you as possible, giving you a 360 degree hearing focus. This program allows you to narrow this focus by targeting the microphones on a small area. This is ideal for helping you to hear conversation in a noisy environment, enhancing speech whilst reducing background distractions. FlexVolume This program gives you control over the volume of your hearing aids, allowing you to change the level of sound for hearing comfort. FlexControl This program allows you to change the settings of the programs in your hearing aid, so you can make adjustments to suit you and your listening environment. QuickSync This program ensures that your hearing aids work together all the time. If you change a volume program setting on one hearing aid, the other will automatically synchronise so that they are always on the same settings Whistleblock The sound of feedback is distracting and annoying for hearing aid wearers. This program can detect the feedback sound before you can hear it and remove it. It can do this without distorting any other sounds around you. It can tell the difference between feedback and other high pitched sounds so you still hear the sounds you want to. NoiseBlock The sound of continuous background noise can make it difficult to hear anything else as hearing aids usually amplify the sound. The NoiseBlock program can recognise sounds such as constant traffic through the window, office equipment or home appliances and reduce its volume, so that you can concentrate on the sound you want to hear. Real Ear Sound Those with normal hearing can detect where sounds are coming from because of the shape of the ear. The Real Ear Sound program is able to copy this effect, helping you to determine sound location as well as a more natural listening experience. DuoPhone This telephone listening program tackles the problem many people with hearing aids face when using the telephone. Using the Binaural VoiceStream Technology the sound of the caller’s voice is streamed to both hearing aids at the same time, allowing you to hear the phone call in stereo. Meanwhile the sound in the room is reduced, allowing you to focus on the conversation without distractions. SoundRecover Many people with hearing loss find it difficult to hear sounds in the higher frequencies, such as women and children’s voices. This program recovers these sounds and brings them within your hearing range for better speech clarity. Tinnitus Balance Noise Generator This program helps to alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus, also known as ringing in the ears. Sound distraction is often used as a treatment for tinnitus. These hearing aids can generate a range of pleasant sounds to distract the mind from the tinnitus whistle. These hearing aids are available in a range of colours, from pale neutral tones to bright, bold and fun colours, so you can choose one to suit you and your lifestyle. The sound processor casing is tough and dust repellent as well as water repellent, so you don’t need to panic if you are caught out in the rain.


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