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Phonak’s V90 is a premium hearing aid available in a variety of styles. It has an impressive 20 channels, premium noise reduction (NoiseBlock), adaptive directionality (UltraZoom) and wind noise reduction (WindBlock). In addition, the V90 incorporates ‘Binaural VoiceStream Technology’ which allows both hearing aids to act as one system in real-time through wireless exchange of information via electromagnetic transmission. Using this technology the most dominant speech signal detected in the environment can be automatically streamed to both hearing aids regardless of whether it is in front, behind or to the side of you (Speech in 360º). Alternatively, the wearer can manually decide what direction the hearing aids should focus in before streaming all sounds in that direction to both hearing aids. Additionally, it can identify the hearing aid with the best speech signal in a windy environment and stream this signal over to the opposite hearing aid (Speech in Wind). Furthermore, utilising the dual microphones on both hearing aids (four microphone array), the V90 can automatically project a narrow focus to help you hear a speaker directly in front of you in the presence of moving background noise (auto StereoZoom). Binaural VoiceStream Technology also supports the synchronization of volume adjustments and program changes made on one hearing aid to both hearing aids (QuickSync). It also allows for a feature called ‘DuoPhone’. This is when the telephone ear hearing aid automatically changes to a dedicated phone program and streams the signal to both hearing aids to help you hear better. The V90 additionally has ‘Real Ear Sound’ which mimics how the real-ear picks up certain frequencies of sound from all around you and others directly in front of you to provide the wearer with better sound quality, better hearing in noise and spatial (3D) awareness of the listening environment. The V90 also has ‘SoundRecover’ which helps high frequency sounds to be heard and processed effectively by the wearer if they have a severe/profound high frequency hearing loss. It is accomplished by compressing high frequency sounds into a lower frequency range where the wearer’s hearing loss is less severe. Importantly, SoundRecover only performs this at the high frequencies, leaving the lower frequencies untouched. The V90 also has ‘SoundRelax’ which quickly reduces sudden and spontaneous loud sounds that may become uncomfortable for the wearer, ‘Speech in Car’ which reduces low frequency road noise, and ‘Comfort in Echo’ which aims to reduce echoes in reverberant listening environments to make speech more comfortable. The V90 can activate ‘Speech in Car’ and ‘Comfort in Echo’ automatically as it can classify and automatically adapt (AutoSense OS) in 7 listening environments, whilst it can also learn and automatically apply the wearers preferred sound level and frequency balance in each of the 7 environments for improved hearing and listening comfort (FlexControl). It can also note the wearers preferred overall sound level over a period of time and apply it automatically (User Preference Learning). Additionally, the V90 can be programmed to gradually increase in sound level over a specified period of time to allow new users of hearing aids the opportunity to adjust and adapt (auto Acclimatization). The V90 also has tinnitus relief technology (Tinnitus Balance). This is an in-built noise generator which can be adjusted in overall volume and frequency to help more precisely suppress your tinnitus.  


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