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Widex Beyond 440


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Widex Beyond 440
  • The Widex Beyond 440 is the latest addition to the Widex portfolio released in November 2016. It’s big selling point is that it is a made for iPhone hearing aid. This enables the end user to control the volume of the hearing aids both together and independently and to stream not only calls but music or films directly from their iPhone or iPad (charging cable must be lightening type) using Apple’s bespoke 2.4GHz Bluetooth.
  • Don’t forget to ask for your three different manufacturer demonstrations! How else can you be sure you have the right product for you!

    Features of the Beyond 440 include:
  • 5 Different Programs – for different or challenging listening environments
  • 15 Processing Channels – for accurate fine tuning and better signal capture in noise
  • Battery Life – A 25% improvement on the Unique 440
  • SmartWind Manager – Reduces wind noise by up to 30%
  • Water Resistance
  • Speech Enhancer System – helping to hear the dominant voice better.
  • Widex Beyond APP – features include independent volume control for each hearing aid, find my hearing aids, microphone directionality (good for noisy environments) and an ability to save settings by location


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