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The Inizia is a basic range of hearing aids produced by the Danish manufacturer Bernafon. They are available in 2 levels of technology, the Inizia 3 or the Inizia 1, of which the Inizia 1 is the lower level of technology. These hearing aids are suitable for most hearing losses from mild to profound levels and are available in a range of styles and colours to suit your personal requirements. Styles Include: BTE (Behind The Ear) ITE  (In The Ear) ITC  (In The Canal) CIC  (Completely In Canal) RITE (Receiver In The Ear) Unlike other manufacturers, Bernafon hearing aids to not have a set number of sound processing channels. They use their own ChannelFree™ signal processing technology which helps improve speech intelligibility. With this system, the signal is not split into a specific number of channels but continuously adjusts the gain of your hearing aids. Other features include:
  • AFC (Adaptive Feedback Cancellation) – This feature helps to suppress any whistling noises that may occur.
  • Fixed/Omni Directionality – This refers to the way the microphone in your hearing aids can pick up the sounds and from what direction.
  • Adaptive Noise Reduction – This feature is designed to help manage background noise so you hear speech more clearly.
  • Lifestyle Profile – This is a personalisation option that takes into account your individual lifestyle needs and allows you to customise the hearing aid features to suit you.
In conclusion, the Bernafon Inizia 1 is an entry level hearing aid which is easy to use and suitable for up to a profound hearing loss. It offers a range of features and styles to suit your individual needs and also comes in a choice of colours. If you are interested in this type of hearing aid but would like to take full advantage of the technology available in this range then you may want to try the Bernafon Inizia 3.


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