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The Juna 9 is the highest specification hearing aid in the Bernafon range. It is suitable for more demanding and challenging listening situations and is an ideal hearing aid for those with an active and sociable lifestyle.

Channel Free Bernafon’s channel free technology enables excellent sound amplification without separating the sounds into separate bandwidths like multi channel hearing aids do. Because the bandwidths aren’t separated before processing, it creates a more natural sound. Speech Cue Priority Speech clarity can vary greatly depending on a person’s level of hearing loss. The speech cue priority feature allows the hearing aids to be programmed in two different ways. The hearing aids can pick up and emphasize phoneme cues for users with mild to moderate hearing losses. For those with more severe hearing loss the aids are programmed to pick up ‘envelope speech cues’ for better speech clarity. Intelligent Volume control These hearing aids can tell the difference between speech and background noise allowing you to turn up the volume of the speech sounds around you without raising the volume of the background noise as well. Turning the volume down will reduce the effect of background noise without reducing the volume or clarity of the speech sounds. The Juna 9 can also remember your favourite volume settings and auto adapt when you are in a similar environment. True Directionality and Adaptive Noise Reduction Plus This program automatically focuses your listening on the speech sounds around you – no matter which direction they are coming from. Noise reduction works to suppress all non speech noise, giving you better listening clarity in more challenging environments. The Juna 9 also has an Ultra Comfort mode for very noisy environments and a ‘comfort in airplane’ mode, ideal for those who fly frequently. Wind Noise The Juna 9 can detect wind noise and remove it before you know it’s there, making it easier to hear when you are outside. Reverb Reduction This program is designed to reduce the echo or reverberation of voices which is common in large halls. It does this by recognising the echo and removing it without making other sounds harsh or tinny. Transient Noise Reduction Some background noise such as cutlery scraping or bags rustling can be very loud and uncomfortable for hearing aid users. This program reduces the volume of these harsh sudden sounds to maximise listening comfort. Live music program These hearing aids can recognise music and change the restrictions the other programs make on background noise, giving you a more natural listening experience. All wireless models are fully compatible with Bernafon’s range of listening streamers. The Soundgate 3 Bluetooth device allows the hearing aids to stream sound wirelessly from your phone or television. The Soundgate app for iPhone works with the iPhone 7 or higher, allowing you to stream sound directly from your iPhone. These hearing aids are available in a range of fittings from the nearly invisible Completely In Canal fitting to a Power Behind the Ear model.


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