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The Lex range has two levels of technology to choose from. The Lex 8 is the more advanced of the two, offering more sound processing channels and extra features that are not available on the lower level. As well as having the innovative new Instant Fit technology, the Lex 8 also offers many of Resound’s key features to give the wearer the clearest and most natural sound possible. The Lex 8 has 17 sound processing channels which manage the different sound frequencies to ensure you hear everything clearly. The Surround Sound Processor further enhances the sound you hear giving outstanding clarity. Resound’s DFS Ultra (Digital Feedback Suppression) is designed to eliminate any of the irritating whistling noises that can sometimes be produced as a result of feedback and the design of the hearing aid gives a natural protection against wind noise. Both of these features reduce distortion maintaining your listening comfort at all times. The Noise Tracker ll helps to reduce background noise so you can still enjoy conversation in a difficult or crowded listening environment.  The Environmental Optimizer ll adjusts things like gain and noise reduction levels as your environment changes. This means that your hearing aids actively work to give you the best sound possible in every situation and location. The Lex 8 hearing aids are not currently compatible with any of Resound’s wireless accessories. It is worth taking this into account before you purchase these hearing aids as it would mean added expense should you decide that this is something you need later on.


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