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Resound’s latest release in the Linx series is the LiNX 3D. With a brand new chipset offering substantial improvements over the previous Linx2 range.
  • BINAURAL DIRECTIONALITY – Continuous ear-to-ear exchange of data about the environment optimises the way the microphones work to offer better speech in quiet, noise and loud noise meaning you can focus on the sounds that are important to you, effortlessly and naturally.
  • SPATIAL SENSE – A better awareness and more natural appreciation of sound around you. a more natural acoustic experience.
  • BINAURAL ENVIRONMENTAL OPTIMISER – The hearing aids automatically adjust volume and noise reduction to optimise listening comfort when entering different environments.
  • NOISE TRACKER II – Removes the noise whilst trying to keep as much signal to improve audibility in challenging situations.
  • DFS ULTRA II WITH MUSIC MODE – Stops the feedback manager cancelling some parts of music it could identify wrongly as feedback. overall gives a better, clearer and richer sound experience.
  • TINNITUS SOUND GENERATOR AND NATURE SOUNDS – Offers a tinnitus masker and relaxing nature sounds.
This chart shows what the LiNX 9 3D has that the other levels lack :@) gn comparison  


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