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The LiNX 5 is a made for iPhone hearing aid produced by GN ReSound. It was brought out more recently than the Linx 9 and Linx 7, adding an entry level model to this popular range. This is a receiver in the ear hearing aid with the tiny yet powerful processor and battery casing sitting discretely behind the ear, it is so small it can barely be seen. It is suitable for hearing losses ranging from the mild to the severe (not profound losses, see the more powerful Enzo range for that) For people with very damaged high frequencies, a special program compresses the higher, more difficult to hear frequencies and brings them within your hearing range without distorting them. The processor contains nine channels for receiving frequencies, this gives good clarity of speech. The many new features of this hearing aid include a 2.4 GHz wireless processor which allows your hearing aids to talk to each other and synchronise effortlessly. So each hearing aid changes program and volume settings at the same time. A specially designed program called Softswitching slowly alters the hearing aids when you move from one environment to another so that a sudden increase in noise isn’t uncomfortably loud. The hearing aids also work together whilst you are on the telephone, the Comfort Phone setting increases and clarifies the speech on the telephone side whilst reducing the background noise in the other ear.  


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