Resound Linx 9² / Enzo 9


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This is the worlds first Made for iPhone hearing aid, part of the new range of wireless hearing aids from GN ReSound which also includes the LiNX 7. Ideal for the more challenging listening environments, this premium hearing aid has all the features of the LiNX 7 plus many more. The LiNX 9 also has four flexible programmes which can be tailored to suit your lifestyle and hearing needs. There are 17 channels which process the different hearing frequencies, raising the volume or compressing and altering the frequencies of sounds outside the hearing range and making them audible. The powerful 2.4 GHz processor allows ear to ear communication allowing both hearing aids to coordinate seamlessly with each other. This ensures that both hearing aids are always on the same settings for volume and programme. They can also work together for various program settings such as the comfort phone program, where the hearing aid on the telephone side will work to optimise the phone conversation and the other will turn down automatically during the phone call to minimise distractions in the room. When the phone call is finished the hearing aids will automatically switch back to their normal hearing mode. The Synchronised Soft Switching program allows the hearing aids to adapt to each environment, so if you move from a quiet environment to a noisy one, subtle adjustments will be made to the noise levels to ensure your comfort. When you move back to a quiet environment the volume will adjust again, ensuring the best speech clarity possible in each situation. The Environmental Optimizer program will assess each environment and adjust the volumes appropriately. The new Surround Sound by ReSound feature lets you hear what is going on all around you and helps you to work out which direction sounds are coming from. There are various directionality programmes which allow you to focus on sound in front of you, such as a person speaking, or sound all around you. This hearing aid is ideal for more challenging listening environments with strong background and wind noise reduction features and a powerful environmental optimiser program.Despite its powerful performance this receiver in the ear hearing aid is smaller and more discrete than many of its competitors. Its tough coating makes it waterproof as well as keeping out oil and dust. It is available in a range of ten different colours so you can either blend it in with your hair colour and skin tone or choose something contrasting to show it off.


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