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Micon 3 technology is a platform that can be accessed via three different Siemens models. All three options contain an array of up-to-date features and are available in a variety of colours to suite your personal requirements.
  • Pure–a Receiver in Canal (RIC) hearing aid.
  • Life –a Mini Behind the Ear (Mini BTE) device.
  • Aquaris – a Behind the Ear (BTE) instrument that is robust, can withstand complete submersion in water and is dirt resistant.
  Key Features: e2e Wireless – your hearing aids are able to communicate with each other, providing a more natural sound. Tinnitus Noiser – aims to relieve the effects of tinnitus.    MiFocus provides: Twenty-four sound processing channels – with a 12 mHz bandwidth this level of technology allows you to tune in and amend your hearing device to reflect your personal requirements. MiSound offers features such as:
  • Feedback Stopper – which aims to eradicate whistling noise and other unwanted feedback.
  • Speech and Noise Management – background noise is subdued in order to allow for speech sounds to become clearer.
  • Sound Smoothing – aims to keep your hearing at a comfortable level by moderating sudden, unexpected sounds.
  • eWindscreen – protects against wind noise.
MiGuide provides: Data Logging – this records information for your audiologist to access and determine where improvements can be made regarding the use of your hearing aid. Wireless Compatibility for Siemens Accessories – means that sound can be streamed from your television, mobile phone or music device to your hearing aid.


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