Phonak Naida Q30


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Despite being a more basic hearing aid the Naida Q30 still has that extra power boost and offers a good range of features. Along with Phonak’s new Quest technology, these hearing aids can offer the new Binaural VoiceStream. This means that your hearing devices can now communicate with each other and share information to further improve your hearing experience. Acclimatisation Manager –Your hearing aid’s amplification levels are automatically altered when needed. These levels and settings can also be manually adjusted. Other features include 8 Channels – The channels on your hearing aids process a range of frequencies so the more channels you have, the more specifically it can be programmed for your individual needs. Ultrazoom– A Binaural microphone application which is designed to improve the speech capturing and noise cancellation. Whistleblock – This helps to get rid of the irritating feedback whistling that may occur. Soundrecover – A feature which helps to improve your ability to hear the high frequency sounds. Noiseblock – This helps to eliminate any unwanted background noises. The Naida Q30 hearing aids are also fully compatible with Phonak’s range of wireless accessories.


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