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Update March 2021 Old Tech now but still the latest Phonak have for their CROS aids so still on the price list. call me to discuss newer technology at hearing is believing!
  • The most recent release from Phonak offering a comprehensive range of hearing instruments.
  • In the B90 range of hearing aids there is the very popular Audeo (receiver in canal), Audeo Rechargeable, Bolero (BTE), Virto (custom in the ear) and Audeo B-Direct (Bluetooth enable to link to any phone)
  • They come in four technology levels (Rechargeable has 3 levels) and price varies from £1695 for the B90 to £695 for the B30. There are many technical differences but the look of the hearing aid will be the same for each style.
  • Phonak Audeo V-90 Premium: 7 automatic programs and many other premium features. 20 frequency channels.
  • Phonak Audeo V-70 Advanced: 4 automatic programs including music and other advanced features. 16 frequency channels.
  • Phonak Audeo V-50 Standard: 3 automatic programs including comfort in noise and other features. 12 frequency channels.
  • Phonak Audeo V-30 Essential: a basic aid with 2 automatic features. 8 frequency channels.
  • The new AutoSense OS features the adaptive SoundRecover2 and a new way to treat expansion for better soft speech intelligibility. In addition, symmetrical gain settings for asymmetrical hearing loss provides more comfort for first-time users. These set the foundation for the new AutoSense OS and makes the operating systems the best Phonak has ever produced. As hearing loss increases, the new SoundRecover2 improves high-frequency speech audibility by utilizing its adaptive frequency lowering algorithm that is only applied when the level of hearing loss requires it. Sound quality of mid and low frequencies is maintained while high-frequency sounds are made audible. A quite innovative change is the algorithm that takes into account the difference in hearing between each ear. The result is it prescribes slightly less gain for the worse hearing ear at first fit and the benefit is significantly more comfort for the new user without compromising speech intelligibility.
My Opinion.
  • Very good hearing aids and sound quality. Well worth a demonstration.
My Advice.
  • When choosing a RIC product I would always suggest a demonstration before deciding. At hearing is believing we like to offer a demonstration of 3 different manufacturers hearing aids in order for you to make an informed choice.


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