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The Saphira 3 is the more basic of the Saphira’s, which are Bernafon’s mid range of hearing aids. If you don’t need the full range of features the Saphira 5 offers and are looking to save some money then this may be the aid for you. We have gone through the differences below. If you want to read about the features described in more detail then look at the other hearing aids in this range for a more full description. Core features The Saphira 3 has all of the core features of the Saphira 5. Speech Cue Priority, ChannelFree, Adaptive Noise Reduction, Adaptive Directionality. They are all there. It should be noted though that the ANR is not quite as good as in the better model making this aid more suited to hearing in quiet and light social environments. Other features The Saphira 3 has wind noise reduction but it lacks the live music program and the transient noise reduction features of the Saphira 5. Connectivity For us this is one of the most important benefits of the Saphira 3 over the Nevara 1. It is fully compatible with the whole range of Bluetooth accessories which is a feature the Nevara doesn’t have. This means that you can use the¬†Soundgate 3 Bluetooth accessory to connect to a TV or phone streaming device.  


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