Resound Unite TV Streamer 2


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The Unite TV Streamer 2 can stream stereo sound from your TV, HiFi or computer directly to your hearing aids from up to a distance of 7 metres away. It is able to do this discreetly and without the need to wear an additional streaming device around your neck since it utilises 2.4 GHz wireless technology. The TV Streamer 2 is compatible with both older analog TVs and newer digital TVs. If others complain that you have the TV volume too loud even when wearing your hearing aids, using the TV Streamer 2 you will be able to control the TV volume independently to others around you. So, if you continue to struggle to hear the TV at the volume others have it on, you can simply increase the streaming level of the TV Steamer 2, and not the TV, meaning everyone can watch the TV at a comfortable level. If you experience difficulties hearing others around you whilst watching the TV with the TV Steamer 2, you can using the Unite Remote Control 2 or ReSound Control phone app independently adjust the volume and balance how much sound you receive from the TV Streamer 2 and your hearing aids.


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