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ReSound Vea 2 is the second level of technology within the Vea family. ReSound group their features for the Vea in categories of sound quality, performance in noise, ease of use, flexible fitting and protection. To help maintain good sound quality in all listening situations, Vea 2 features the Dual Stabiliser DFS II with WhistleControl as a way to manage any possible feedback. DFS is a well-known feedback management system from ReSound, and the WhistleControl element was successfully introduced with the ReSound Live platform. It acts to adds a so-called emergency brake in situations which are extra risky for whistling – like when a phone is picked up to the ear. Continuing with phone use; some of Vea 2 models can also be set to include PhoneNow algorithm, which means that when the hearing aid is held next to a supplied magnet on a phone receiver, it will automatically change to a telephone programme which can be specifically fine-tuned for optimal phone listening. There are 6 models to choose from in the Vea 2 family: V60 – a miniBTE that can be fitted with thin tubing V70 – a standard BTE that can be fitted with thin tubing V80 – a power BTE for more severe losses V50 – full shell in the-ear V30 – smaller in-the-canal option V10 – completely in the canal (CIC) An additional note regarding the V60, V70 and V80 models. They have ‘In-Situ audiometry,’ which is a feature which enables the hearing healthcare professional to perform pure-tone audiometry using the hearing aid to present the stimuli instead of an audiometer. This is particularly useful as a way to do a combined hearing test and fitting where an audiometer is not available.


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