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The third tier in the 2nd generation wireless hearing aid range, from ReSound. ReSound launched a third tier of wireless hearing technology in 2013, extending their existing range of products in the Verso line. Although the ReSound Verso 5 shares many convenient features with the more superior Resound Verso 7 and the ReSound Verso 9, it represents a stripped back version for those seeking a smaller price tag. Key Features: Binaural Fusion – enables your hearing aids to communicate and share information, resulting in a balanced and organic sound. Advanced Noise Tracker II – eradicates annoying background noise, so you can hear the spoken word more clearly. Digital Feedback Suppression – reduces unwanted feedback and whistling sounds. 9 Sound Processing Channels – offers a range of sound frequencies that can be altered to effectively target your hearing requirements. Softswitching – discerns levels of sound and speech, before automatically adjusting microphone levels to maintain ease of listening. Resound’s iSolate Nanotech – a highly waterproof coating designed to protect your hearing aid from the accumulative effects of dirt and moisture. Wireless Capability – sound from your TV and landline telephone can be streamed directly to your hearing aids without the need for an additional neck loop.  


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