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The Verso 7 is the second level of technology currently available from ReSound. It is available in a number of different models ranging from very small custom in the ear models to a wide range of behind the ear models. The Verso 7 also has iSolate Nanotech. This is an innovative new process that involves using nanotechnology to apply a highly waterproof coating to the hearing aid. This can prolong the life of the hearing aid by protecting it from substances such as earwax or water. – See more at: the Verso 7 is the full range of hearing aids so it would cater for almost all hearing losses. It has wireless technology in most models which don’t require an additional streamer to be worn about your person. With new binaural technology, these hearing aids provide an advanced listening experience. It is an excellent hearing aid but lacks some of the features offered by the more advanced model in this range


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