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GN ReSound, one of the Danish hearing aid manufacturers has released the Verso range as a rolling replacement to their Alera products. The Verso has been received very positively with glowing reports and some stock market analysts even going so far as to recommend buying shares in the company. It is too early to tell whether this enthusiasm is reflected in hearing aid users feedback but initial reports do seem good. There is no doubt that the Verso 9 which is the flagship is loaded with features, to list just a few: – Binaural Fusion Technology, Binaural Directionality, Binaural Environmental Optimizer II, Surround Sound … the list goes on. While a lengthy feature list is no guarantee of a fabulous hearing result, there is no doubt that GN ReSound have tried very hard to address the issue that hearing aid users suffer from. If just half of these work as well as they are intended as a user you should get a very satisfying result. It is available in the usual selection of hearing aid models from BTE (behind the ear), to RIC (receiver in the canal) to a full complement of ITE (in the ear) models, so there should be one to suit you. With such a portfolio of technology available within the Verso 9 it is crucial that the hearing aid is set up by a hearing aid audiologist that is both trained and familiar with this complex product. To ensure that you get the best result call us to discover who we would recommend to provide further advice on this top end product.


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