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The i110 is the most powerful hearing aid in the Starkey Z series which has different models and styles to suit all kinds of lifestyle.  It is designed to help you have the best hearing possible in very noisy environments. It is ideal for those who have an active and busy social life and need better speech clarity whether they are mixing with crowds of people at festivals or parties, in the car, at the theatre or a restaurant. It is also ideal for those who work in a noisy environment. The premium technology in the i110 can help in the more challenging listening environments. This technology includes:
  • 16 channel bands – The more channels a hearing aid has, the better the sound quality. With 16 channels to process the sounds around you, this offers great sound and speech clarity.
  • Acoustic Scene Analyser – This feature has different levels for each different model. The i110 is the most powerful in the range at level 5. This, along with the audioscapes settings can detect whether you are in a quiet environment or if there is wind noise and make subtle adjustments to ensure great hearing. It can also detect machine noise as well as speech in noise, clarifying the speech whilst reducing the effect of the noise in the background.
  • Purewave Feedback Eliminator – Starkey’s feedback elimination program can be personalised to you and your lifestyle to ensure that feedback whistling or buzzing is gone before you know it’s there.
  • Synchronised User Controls – this allows you to change the volume and memory on both hearing aids at the same time as well as changing to telephone mode. The binaural telephone mode clarifies the speech in your telephone ear whilst reducing distractions by lowering the sound in your other hearing aid.
  • Surflink Accessories – The Z Series is fully compatible with Starkey’s range of Surflink accessories which include media streamers, mobile telephones and remote controls.
  • Spectral IQ – ISO clear compression is able to identify and enhance soft speech without increasing and distorting louder sounds.  IQ Boost function allows user to reduce background noise whilst maintaining speech clarity, ideal for restaurants and social events.  Voice IQ2 enhances and preserves speech in noisy environments
  • Spatial Streaming and Stream Boost – Spatial streaming lets you listen wirelessly to your music, PC or TV whenever you are in range. and gives you the best performance in all settings.  Stream boost is an automatic setting which enhances audio streaming in more demanding environments, ensuring the best wireless performance in all settings.
  • Acuity Directionality – The directional microphones are designed to give you better speech audibility in noisy situations.
  • Speech ID – This program is able to recognise speech no matter which direction it is coming from.
  • Binaural Spatial Mapping – This makes loud sounds more comfortable by assessing your environment and making subtle adjustments.
  • Multiflex Tinnitus Technology – A tinnitus reliever feature which can be programmed to your own needs.
  • Hydrashield2 – This nano coating works to repel wax and moisture, ensuring that your hearing aid stays working at its best.
  Other features include live speech mapping and advanced memory programs, so you can have your favourite settings when you are listening to music or the TV. All models in the Z series range benefit from Starkey’s 900 sync technology which allow these programs to work together to produce a high quality listening experience in challenging environments. Its wireless capability ensures synchronisation between hearing aids and three dimensional sound quality.   The i110 is available in a wide range of styles and fittings so that you can choose the right one for you and your lifestyle. These include:
  • In The Ear (ITE), this style is suitable for mild to severe hearing loss.
  • In The Canal (ITC), this style is suitable for moderate to severe hearing loss.
  • Completely In Canal (CIC), this style is nearly invisible in the ear canal and is suitable for mild to moderately severe hearing loss.
These smaller styles are available in 5 faceplate colours and 4 shell colours, they are custom made to fit the contours of your ear to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. The behind the ear styles are also small and discrete, they are available in a range of 7 colours which include black, slate, sterling, bright white with sterling, expresso, bronze and champagne The styles include: Behind The Ear (BTE) including a BTE mini and BTE power plus. this is suitable for all levels of hearing loss from moderate to severe. Receiver In Canal (RIC) including a micro RIC with multiflex tinnitus option. These are suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss. These styles are available in different power levels to suit your level of hearing loss. The BTE and RIC styles also have a telecoil which is an optional extra in the ITE and ITC styles   All styles have a memory button and – with the exclusion of the CIC style, all have volume control and directional microphones.


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