Your Hearing Aid Dispenser will attend at a convenient time to fit your new system, which will be configured to best overcome your previously discussed difficulties. You will be shown how to insert and remove your new aid(s) and how to replace spent batteries. Any other tasks necessary for the ongoing care and maintenance of your system will also be discussed. Advice on acclimatization to your new aids and the need to relearn to interpret many of the “new “sounds that you will hear will also be given.
If you find your aid(s) comfortable and beneficial there is no reason not to. However if your hearing loss has developed gradually over many years you will be accustomed to reduced aural stimulation, and may find that wearing an aid(s) all day is a bit tiring to begin with. In this case start by wearing the aid(s) for two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon, preferably in a quiet environment. Extend the time worn each day until the aid(s) can be worn continually in all your listening environments.
Most people fitted with an aid(s) have a greater loss of hearing in the higher frequencies, therefore more amplification is provided at high frequencies compared to low frequencies. To begin with this comparative extra increase in high frequency amplification will make sounds seem “sharper”. The benefit of course is improved speech perception, and in time the harshness will fade as the brain adjusts to this new stimulation. This phenomenon is all part of a recognized rehabilitation process.
Hearing Aid (Zinc-Air) batteries are designed and manufactured to maintain a steady voltage until the power has been consumed. Modern digital hearing aids have an audible low battery warning indicator that will sound just before the battery is due to expire. Alternatively you can purchase a battery tester online from our consumables and accessory store.
At night remove your aid(s). If your aids use disposable batteries, open the battery drawer and place on a soft surface. If you have rechargeable aids follow the manufacturers instructions for recharging. If you perspire heavily you may find it beneficial to place your aids in drying pot to remove moisture from the device. You can purchase a drying pot and replacement desiccant crystals online from our accessory store.
You are of course covered by our “60 day absolutely no quibble trial period”. In exceptional circumstances it may prove necessary to use an alternative fitting strategy. In these circumstances all payments made will be transferred to the new order and a new 60 day trial will commence on the same terms as before.
Digital hearing aids are capable of adjustment within certain parameters. If you feel that their effectiveness has diminished we will attend to retest your hearing and make any adjustments to the aid deemed appropriate. First time users of new aids may require assistance in the early stages of use to familiarize themselves with correct care and use of hearing aids. Every support possible will be given to our clients to ensure that they receive and continue to receive benefit from any aid(s) prescribed.
If your aid(s) uses disposable batteries, budget for one battery per aid every seven to ten days. “In the Ear” and “Receiver in the Ear” type aids will from time to time require replacement wax filters. Open fitting Behind The Ear aids will require replacement tubing and domes to maintain optimum performance every six months. You can purchase all these items online from our accessory store.