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Resound Enzo Quattro Q 5


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Hearing Is Believing Says – Excellent power hearing aid for the most severe and profound losses. Still has in my opinion the best app to support your hearing aids. ReSound Says – Crystal clear, comfortable and High quality sound.  Even greater connectivity and direct streaming. Fully Personalisable to suit your preferences Convenient remote and real time support Perfectly complements cochlear implants Program Carousel Swipe through a carousel of environment programs: All-Around, Restaurant, Music or Outdoor, to reflect where you are.

Sound enhancer

Use the sliding bar, filters and quick buttons of the sound enhancer to increase speech focus, reduce noise, and adjust bass, middle and treble.


Save your favourite sound settings – even geotag them to a preferred location so they automatically activate the next time you’re there.

Find my hearing aids

If you misplace your hearing aids, you can locate their last recorded position on a map – simply select ‘Find my hearing aids’.

Relief from tinnitus

Easily adjust the level of therapeutic tinnitus relief sounds without altering the volume of your hearing aids via our app.


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