Starkey Evolv AI 1600 Edge


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Evolv AI – Effortlessly Perfect

Some features are limited to the 2400 range.

The next generation of hearing excellence from Starkey has performed exceptionally well and has been really well received by those that matter… the patients!

  • These hearing aids are packet with new features including their all new ‘Healthable Technology’. this involves Activity tracking, Engagement Tracking and Fall Alert. they have a built in ‘Intelligent Assistant where the Thrive platform allows access to the Thrive Assistant, to translate, Transcribe, perform a Self-Check and many more.
  • The top levels also have the Edge mode accessible by Tap Control. Simply a double tap on the hearing aid will instruct the aids to enter ‘Edge Mode’. This tells the hearing aid(s) you are in need of assistance and not hearing well. The Evlove AI system will seek out the speech and try to overcome your difficulties.

Compatible Apps

  • Thrive Hearing Control
  • Thrive Care


  • Just take off the 00 from the name and you have your answer. ie Evolv AI 2400 Edge is 24 channels, 2000 is 20 channels.

Free trails available NOW on the Evolv AI 2400 Edge.

The next step in better sound and connectivity Welcome to Starkey’s complete family of the world’s most innovative hearing technology. Evolv AI seamlessly connects and adapts with your patients’ lives to deliver effortless hearing in even more listening environments. With enhanced Edge Mode, improved 2-Way Audio, and health and activity tracking.
Models Available
Evolv AI 2400,2000,1600,1200,1000, Evolv AI CROS
Three receiver (loudspeaker) strengths Moderate, Standard and Power.
Battery Size – Lithium-ion Encased 312 for the rechargeable.


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