Grip Tip


Oticon Oticon minifit Grip Tip Right (pack 2)


  • Receiver (loudspeaker) not included
  • Oticon’s Grip Tip provides an instant fit option when extra help is needed.
  • Designed to support RITE instrument fittings, Grip Tip slips over all Oticon
  • Standard, Medium or Intiga speakers (power notincluded), and is more
  • durable than domes.
  • These soft flexible tips shape comfortably to most ears; the slightly tacky texture helps prevent slippage.
  • An instant solution, giving your clients immediate satisfaction.
Instant Advantages:
  • NO Impressions needed.
  • Improved Performance ` Reduced Feedback ` Reduced Occlusion ` Reduced Slippage.
  • Easy Sizing ` Right and left for instant comfort ` Small or large ` With or without venting.
  • Sizes include 2.4mm vented in large and small, no vent large or small. Dedicated left or right.


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