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Launched Feb 2021 Oticon Says

Turning complexity into clarity requires the full perspective

Patients are constantly presented with complex, unpredictable sound scenes. It’s the role of the brain to help make meaning of it all. Oticon More is designed to work more like the brain, because it learned through experience.

The world’s first hearing aid with an on‑board DNN – Trained with 12 million real-life sound scenes

Oticon More takes our revolutionary brain hearing technology to the next level, with a highly trained, directly embedded Deep Neural Network (DNN). It gives the brain more of the information it needs to make sense of sound. On-board Deep Neural Network (DNN) – Unbound by traditional rule-based processing algorithms, we trained this DNN with 12 million sounds from real life so it could learn the way the brain does. As a result, it can seamlessly handle virtually all sound scenes with unparalleled precision and clarity to optimally support the brain.
New Polaris™ Platform – Delivering the full perspective demands our most intelligent platform ever
Our view at Hearing Is believing So far so great! Really good results so far with clients really liking the sound. Similar in many ways to the OPN S range just a bit faster and with the DNN now helping to identify sounds to keep that can only be good. A new Polaris Platform with 16 times capacity, the same industry leading 64 channels gives, say Oticon, double the precision. i’m all for that. A virtual outer ear has been here before but is no small addition mimicking the effects of the pinna (outer ear) Fitted with the IOS and ASHA technology this aid can stream to both iPhone and SOME android phones. Lists are available if required but best to check first as only in the latest versions at the moment. the only negative is only rechargeable RIC at the moment but i am sure there will be more to follow. If you pardon the pun!  


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