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Resound ONE 9


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M&RIE combines the two traditional microphones with a third inside the ear canal as an integrated part of the receiver module. The result? Natural sound quality, improved sound localisation, wind noise protection, and greater direction and depth.

  • Speech intelligibility in wind noise

    Watch the video and get a feel of how ReSound ONE enables better speech understanding in a windy situation.
  • Windy walk with and without M&RIE

    Hear just how much having the microphone sit inside the ear canal creates natural wind noise reduction.
  • In a restaurant

    Hear just how much more comfortable the restaurant experience becomes with M&RIE.

Ultra Focus

One-to-one hearing in the toughest environments

Walk & Talk

  • When Ultra Focus is activated, speech is heard while important information that the brain uses to suppress unwanted sounds is preserved, to make the speech clearer.

Background Noise

  • Your clients can focus in on life and feel confident enough to have conversations in situations, like a service counter in a crowded place, that they might have avoided in the past.

Extensive connectivity to adapt to needs- Connect to TV

  • A versatile range of wireless accessories gives you even more options to connect to the sounds they enjoy every day. For instance, they can connect to the TV and get the sound directly into your hearing aids.

Connect and stream without effort

  • With ReSound ONE, you  can connect directly to an iPhone or ASHS enabled Android™ smartphone, and stream audio and wireless calls to their hearing aids via Bluetooth® Low Energy

Rechargeable – All the power needed. Again and again and again.

Premium Charger – A stylish powerbank to match your  ReSound ONE, with up to three days of quick charging on the go. No power outlet needed. 

Progress indicator – When placed in the charging case, LED lights indicate the battery status of both the hearing aids and the portable charging case.

Charging case – With a clear power status of your hearing aids and the charging case with LED lights to guide you.

Help at Home – Remote fine-tuning – At-home hearing assessment


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