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The Menu 10 is a standard hearing aid manufactured by Widex incorporating one of their older processing chips (Flex). It is available in the below form factors: It has 10 channels, noise reduction using their latest algorithm (Noise reduction SIS & Speech Enhancer) and adaptive directionality (HD Locator with Speech Tracer). In addition, the Menu 10 has ‘Sound Stabilisers’ which quickly reduces sudden and spontaneous loud sounds that may become uncomfortable for the wearer. The Menu 10 also has ‘Audibility Extender’ which helps high frequency sounds to be heard and processed effectively by the wearer if they have a severe/profound high frequency hearing loss. It does this by converting high frequency sounds to a lower frequency range where the wearer’s hearing loss is less severe. It can also keep track of any manual volume changes made by the wearer through ‘Sound Diary/Event log’. This allows for the default sound level to be adjusted to the wearers preferred level. The Menu 10 uses an older feedback algorithm (Multidirectional Active feedback cancelling) which can help reduce annoying whistling from your hearing aids. In addition, the Menu 10 incorporates a unique tinnitus management tool called ‘Zen’. Zen attempts to reduce the effects of tinnitus by using soothing tones or noise. The Menu 10 is compatible with Widex wireless accessories such as T-DEX and both RC4-1 and RC4-2 remote controls.


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