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The DEX is a range of accessoroes are designed to be partnered with your Widex Clear or Super hearing aids to help when listening to TV, telephone or mobile telephone. Several items are available in the Widex DEX range enabling sounds from TV, telephone and mobile telephone to be transmitted wirelessly directly to the hearing aids. The advantage of the DEX range is that the sounds are transmitted directly to your hearing aids and other background noises are eliminated meaning you can then hear these sounds much more clearly. If you have difficulty hearing on the mobile telephone the M DEX may be for you. The M DEX is a small device about the size of a small mobile phone. It is compatible with most mobile phones and transmits the audio from your mobile telephone direct to your Widex Clear or Super hearing aids. The M DEX has a ‘room off’ facility. This temporarily turns off the microphone in the hearing aids thus allowing you to concentrate more on the telephone conversation by eliminating other background noise. The M DEX can also be used as a remote control allowing you to control functions on your hearing aids such as program and volume at the touch of a button. – See more at: https://www.yourhearing.co.uk/hearing-aids/accessories/widex-m-dex#sthash.SWpFwP7N.dpuf


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