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he Widex Menu3 is the very basic level of technology in the Menu range. It still comes with the added flexibility of adjusting the number of channels to suit your individual needs. Although it is a basic hearing aid, it still comes with many standard features and the ability to customise it by choosing from a number of add-on features. It is available in 6 different styles and a variety of colours. Models include Menu3 ME-m – Micro BTE (Behind the Ear) Menu3 ME-9 – BTE (Behind the Ear) Menu3 ME-19 – Power BTE (Behind the Ear) Menu3 ME-IIC – IIC (Invisible in Canal) Menu3 ME-CIC – CIC (Completely in Canal) Menu3 ME – X – ITE (In the Ear) The Menu3 comes with a number of basic features as standard such as • 3 Channels – Although this can be customised for your needs to either 10 or 5 if preferred. • Feedback Cancellation – Which helps to eliminating the whistling noise that can sometimes occur • 2 Listening programmes – Different programmes to suit your needs in different environments • Noise Reduction – To help you hear speech more clearly The Menu3 also offers a range of features that can be added to your hearing aid to truly customise the device to your needs. These features include: • HD Locator with Speech Tracer – This is an adaptive microphone system that helps you to hear speech from different directions • Speech Enhancer – This helps to eliminate background noise • Audibility Extender – This increases the range of audible sounds by adapting them to a frequency you can hear. • Extra Programmes – Up to 3 extra programmes can be added to help with different situations • Zen – This is a music and tone programme that not only aids relaxation but can help to ease the symptoms of tinnitus. • Smart Speak – Gives the user spoken warnings for things like low battery. • T-Dex – This function allows your hearing aid to connect with your mobile phone • Sound Diary – Allows your audiologist to more efficiently monitor activity on your hearing aid. In conclusion the Widex Menu 3 is a basic hearing aid but still offers a wide range of features. Available in a range of styles it is an affordable solution if you are looking for something small and cosmetic or even if you need a hearing aid with a bit more power.  


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