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The Unitron North 600 is the lower mid-level of technology in the new “North” range. It is suited to people who have a fairly quiet lifestyle but need to hear well in slightly noisy social environment
Main Features
The Soundnav in the North 600 is a basic version with just two separate environmental types (from the ones listed below) The aids will work out the most appropriate one for where you are and will automatically switch to it. The most commonly programmed environments are;
  • Conversations in quiet
  • Conversations in a small group
  • Conversations in a crowd
  • Conversations in noise
Multiband adaptive directionality
This tracks and suppresses unwanted background noises from varying directions. The same feature as the North 700 but only effective in up to moderate levels of background noise.
Pinna effect
The Pinna is the bit of your ear you’d balance your glasses on. Hearing aids sit slightly behind them. You’d expect this to cause you to hear better from the back but using their clever technology Unitron recreate the natural process of sounds being collected by your ear to correct this.
Antishock protects your hearing from short sudden unexpected sounds.
Binaural Phone
Binaural phone simply lets you hear phone conversations in both ears at once instead of just on your phone ear, this helps with clarity as you hear from both sides simultaneously.
Water Resistant
Water resistant and resistant to dust. IP57 standards or better. Definitely not waterproof so no scuba diving.


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