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The Unitron North 800 is the second to top technology level using the “North” processor. As a high end hearing aid it is well suited to people who need to hear in challenging environments. This hearing aid is available in three different styles and has won two awards for design excellence recently.
Main Features
The chip in the North 800 identifies with six separate environmental types (out of the seven listed below) and adjust itself automatically as you move between them, always keeping the main focus on speech. These environments are;
  • Conversations in quiet
  • Conversations in a small group
  • Conversations in a crowd
  • Conversations in noise
  • General noise without speech present
  • Quiet
  • Music
Speechzone with Binaural spatial processing
As with the top model the North Pro, this aid will focus your hearing towards speech sounds in a noisy environment. It isn’t quite as effective as the Pro but unless you are in the most challenging of environments you wouldn’t notice much difference.
Multiband adaptive directionality
Multiband adaptive directionality tracks the background noise around you and suppresses sounds that aren’t speech to help you to hear better in such environments.
Pinna effect
Hearing aids sit on the back of your ear and this can sometimes cause you to loose the natural channeling effect your ear has, called the “Pinna effect”. Clever programming in the aid replicates this effect to keep you hearing more naturally and from the front.
Sound Conductor
Another feature designed to make the sound quality more natural whilst maintaining speech intelligibility and comfort.
Jarring sounds are made comfortable straight away before you hear them to protect you from loud, sudden sounds.
Binaural Phone
The hearing aid takes the incoming phone signal and then sends it to both ears so that you can hear the phone conversation in stereo.
Water Resistant
Resistant to both dust and water to IP57 standard or better. The aid isn’t fully waterproof, so no swimming when wearing them.


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