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The Unitron North 500 is the entry level of technology in the “North” family of hearing aids. It is for people who lead a fairly quiet life with low hearing requirements. Main Features
Basic directionality
The hearing aid focuses your hearing in front of you when speech is present.
Pinna effect
Your Pinna is the outer part of your ear which the aid sits just behind. This should mean you hear more from behind you but Unitron’s programming keeps your hearing focused to the front instead.
Hearing aid wearers often struggle with sudden loud sounds but Antishock protects you from these by never amplifying them in the first place.
Binaural Phone
Hear the phone in stereo when talking on a landline or mobile using the binauralphone feature. It doesn’t matter which ear you put the phone to, the signal goes to both sides.
Water Resistant
Moisture resistance is to IP57 standards but not actually waterproof.
Other features
The North 500 has other features such as Flex system, Easy-t, Datalogging, Duo-link, Natural sound balance, Wind control, Tinnitus program, Feedback manager.


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