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The Unitron North 700 is the mid-tier hearing aid. It uses the new “North” processor. It is ideally for people who have a moderately active lifestyle and need to hear well when out and about in shops, cafe’s and other social situations with medium levels of interfering noise.
Main Features
The Unitron North chip identifies where you are and is pre-programmed with five separate environmental variants (out of the seven below) The aim is always to keep the main focus on speech that is in front of you and the aids will change between the different environmental settings to achieve this. These environments are;
  • Conversations in quiet
  • Conversations in a small group
  • Conversations in a crowd
  • Conversations in noise
  • General noise without speech present
  • Quiet
  • Music
Multiband adaptive directionality
This feature has a similar effect to the more advanced “Speechzone” feature of the higher end aids. It can’t home in on speech in the same way but it instead looks for background noise and suppresses it in order to help you hear speech more clearly.
Pinna effect
The Pinna is your outer ear. The natural “Pinna effect” is what your ear does naturally, acting like a funnel to collect sounds. This hearing aid replicates this effect despite being sat on the back of your pinna.
Short sudden sounds such as dropping a plate can be very loud with some hearing aids. Antishock makes the hearing aid react straight away to stop these sounds before you hear them.
Binaural Phone
To help with voice clarity on the telephone, this feature streams the phone signal to both hearing aids for a stereo sound effect when listening on the phone.
Water Resistant
IP57 standards of water and dust resistance. Absolutely not waterproof, no scuba diving in them.


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