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Oticon Zircon 1


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Oticon Zircon

Available in miniRITE with optional rechargeable or Telecoil. Also, in BTE  and BTE rechargeable.

The Zircon range offers excellent technology in a budget range. At around half the price of the top technology it will still help in all but the most challenging environments. excellent value for money

Oticon Zircon miniRITE T offers a small and discreet hearing aid with disposable batteries, and an LED light and double push-button to make handling easier. It can stream audio directly from iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®, and selected Android™ devices. This is because Oticon Zircon is a Made for iPhone hearing aid with Bluetooth®, and is compatible with the new Android protocol for Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA). It also features a telecoil.


Sound quality

360° access to speech

This hearing aid provides access to speech in 360° even in noisy situations.

Easier awareness

The technology makes it easier for the listener to be aware of what is going on in the surroundings.

Outstanding music exp

To give you amazing sound quality whether you’re listening to live music or streaming, we have created a dedicated program called Oticon MyMusic.

Everyday use

Seamless connectivity

Enjoy a wealth of connectivity opportunities, like streaming music, talking on the phone and using Oticon ON App to control the hearing aids. Bluetooth wireless technology makes it all possible.

Hands-free communication

Make hands-free calls by streaming the sound from your phone or other device directly to your hearing aids, using the microphones in the hearing aids to capture your voice.

Enhanced public experiences

Oticon hearing aids with a telecoil improves your hearing in auditoriums, places of worship, theatres, airports and any other public places with a loop system.

Smart volume and programme control

A convenient double push button makes it easy to control volume and adjust programmes.

Water and dust resistant

Oticon hearing aids are IP68-certified. That means they can withstand humidity and dust.


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