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In 2011 Unitron launched their Tandem range which is designed for people who only have hearing in one of their ears. Available as the CROS or BICROS system, it is suitable whether you have perfect hearing in your good ear or if you have a hearing loss in that ear as well. It is available in two levels of technology, the Tandem 16 or Tandem 4, of which the 4 is the lower level.  CROS stands for Contralateral Routing Of Signal and refers to the way the sound is transmitted from one ear to the other. CROS – For those who do not have a hearing loss in their good ear. This system works by placing a transmitter in your non-hearing ear to pick up the sound. This then wirelessly sends the sounds to a device in your normal hearing ear while maintaining a natural sound. BICROS – For those who also suffer from hearing loss in their hearing ear. If you also have a hearing loss in your other ear, the BICROS system will work in exactly the same way as the CROS  but the receiving hearing aid will also manage the hearing loss in this ear.   Other features include  
  • 4 Channels – Channels allow your hearing aid to be programmed for your individual needs. The more channels you have, the more specific it will be.
  • Speech Enhancement – This feature amplifies speech and with the use of adaptive directional microphones you will get clear speech in any environment.
  • Antishock – This helps to ease the impact of a sudden loud noise
  • Feedback Manager – This helps to eliminate the annoying whistling noises that can sometimes occur
  • Wind Noise Manager – This feature enables you to hear more clearly in windy situations.
  In conclusion, the Unitron Tandem 4 is the lower level of technology in this range compared to the Unitron Tandem 16. This type of hearing aid would be suitable for someone who has a complete loss of hearing in one ear.


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