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2012 Unitron added a new product to their Quantum range, the Quantum Pro. This is a premium hearing aid and is now their top level of technology. It is available in a wide range of styles and colours. The styles available are:
  • BTE (Behind the Ear)
  • ITE (In the Ear)
  • CIC (Completely in Canal)
  • Micro CIC (Completely in Canal)
  • RIC (Receiver in Canal) – This style is also referred to as the Quantum Moxi
The Quantum Pro is equipped with a wide range of features. These include:
  • 20 Channels – Channels allow your hearing aid to be programmed for your individual needs. The more channels you have, the more specific it will be.
  • Speech Zone – This feature is only available on the Quantum Pro. This allows your hearing aid to automatically zoom into speech sounds in any environment or situation.
  • Automatic with Smart Focus – This responds to changes in your situation or environment and adjusts your programme accordingly. The Quantum Pro has 4 programmes.
  • Client Control of Smart Focus – This allows the wearer to manually adjust things like fine tuning.
  • Pinna Effect – This promotes natural directionality by recreating the ears natural acoustics.
  • Learn Now – This teaches your hearing aid your preferred settings.
  • Binaural Phone – This allows you to hear a phone conversation in both ears without the need for an extra accessory.
  • Antishock – This helps to ease the impact of a sudden loud noise
  • Feedback Manager – This helps to eliminate the annoying whistling noises that can sometimes occur
  • Wind Noise Manager – This feature enables you to hear more clearly in windy situations.
As many of the styles in the Quantum Pro range have wireless compatibility, Unitron have developed a range of accessories to help you enjoy everyday activities more easily. These accessories include:
  • uDirect 2               – Streamer worn around the neck
  • Utv 2                      – TV Transmitter / uDirect 2 charger
  • SmartControl        – Advanced remote control
  • Unitron Remote   – Basic remote control
  In conclusion, the Quantum Pro is the Premium level of technology available from Unitron. It has a wide range of excellent features and offers wireless compatibility. It is available in a range of styles and colours to suit your individual taste. If you are interested in this technology but would prefer a lower cost option then you may want to try the Quantum 20 or Quantum 12. – See more at:


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